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When women come together with the aim of sharing their wisdom and nurturing each other, they are an unstoppable force. However, we’re so busy caring for our loved ones, pushing ahead in our careers and doing the majority of the emotional ‘work’ in our relationships, that finding time to really connect into our feminine power can be difficult.

I believe we need opportunities to connect with our sisters more than ever, and to assist each other to nurture our selves for our individual and collective journeys, including those of the men and children we love.

Is it for you?

  • Do you long for some soulful ‘me’ time but things always seem to get in the way?
  • Have you experienced a spiritual awakening but your friends and loved ones don’t quite ‘get it’?
  • Are you still seeking your tribe (or needing a new tribe)?
  • Do you long to step away from judgement, fear and speak your truth?
  • Do you wish you could experience the positive power of a loving and supportive sisterhood?
  • Do you long for a space where you can be your true self, and leave recharged and inspired?
  • Are you holding yourself back from living your authentic life?

Heartspace Circle began in my loungeroom, where I held circles for my friends who were looking to embrace all of these things. Just by connecting and allowing space for each of us to speak our truth and share our wisdom, something magnificent began to happen – we not only uplifted each other, but also carried that energy into our lives beyond the circle.

I now offer the circle on a larger scale, so that more women can experience the benefits of connection. It’s not a neatly packaged workshop gained through some online become-a-guru course but borne from my personal awakening and hard-earned lessons. My aim is to create a space where women can connect and grow in whatever ways they need. (Eventually, I hope to include men as well).

The women who attend come from all walks of life but share one thing in common – a desire to live authentically. They come together to support each other to gain the courage and skills to do just that.

So what is a women’s circle?


It is a safe, sacred space where we, as women, nurture our selves and learn to embody our divine nature, away from judgement, dogma and societal expectation. It’s about sharing our wisdom in unconditional love and experiencing profound sisterly connection. To put it simply, it’s ‘time out’ in a divine feminine space.

Each circle focuses on a theme relating to the new moon. Activities may include guided meditation, breathwork, journaling, oracle cards, energy exercises or intention-based work etc.

The guiding principles of the group are:

  • It is a safe, sacred space where we respect and care for each other.
  • All stories shared are confidential.
  • We are fully present – we listen and truly hear, without judgement, the words of our sisters.
  • We take part with an open heart and mind, while knowing we may opt-out of any activity.

The circle is held intermittently in the Adelaide metro area; irregular day-long events are in the planning.

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