Leaping Into The Unknown (A Gift To Myself)

Sometimes, you have to take a risk. Just let go of everything you know and jump feet first into uncertainty. It’s about following your gut instinct, trusting that you will land on your feet, that there’s something waiting for you that’s worth taking the leap for, that it will only reveals itself to you once you jump. On paper, it looks like madness, counter-intuitive even. But in your heart, you know it’s the only thing you can do.

For me, that leap is quitting my day job. A job that I’ve loved and poured myself into for many years. A job that was part of the dream of my younger self. A job that has given me so much joy and brought me into contact with so many amazing people.

I’m taking time out. To decompress. To focus on what my soul is calling me to do more of – to write. It’s crazy that this thing I love more than anything in the world has been squeezed around everything else, but for most of my life I’ve worked hard on my career, with barely a holiday in 20 years. I’ve had a work ethic that puts paid work before everything else, and though I’ve applied that to writing as much as I could, I’ve never allowed myself to be immersed in it. The thought that I could was revolutionary, exciting, joyful. And there’s so much I want to write. My soul aches for it. I can no longer not honour that completely.

And so I’ve taken the leap.

After I wrap up my job, my days will be filled with writing and getting back in touch with living – beach walks, overdue brunches with friends, lazy evenings with my son. When work comes in, I plan to take my newfound writing focus and shape the work around it, rather than the other way around.

Maybe I should be scared but I’m not. I’ve taken leaps like this before but usually after I’ve been given a shove, and always with someone by my side to support me. This time, I’m leading the charge. Doing it on my own. Every part of my being says this is where I need to be. This isn’t motivated by fear – it’s driven by bliss. It’s a deep breath, an embrace of my true self, an honouring of my life purpose.

Let the future lead me where I need to be. I’m here. I’m ready.

How about you?


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