Creative Writing

My latest manuscript is Saving Grace – merging speculative fiction with elements of romance, action, adventure and mythology with a coming-of-age story at its heart.

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Saving Grace

A metaphysical adventure set in near-future Australia.

Grace Malone is only 21 and has a dangerous power that both terrifies and empowers her. When it goes wrong, people die. Grace is a Freakorist – a new breed of citizen the State is intent on wiping out – and their only hope for freedom is an ancient crystal that’s already in the State’s hands.

When the State goes after Lucien, the normal guy she’s been secretly dating, Grace is propelled into a world of deceit and divided loyalties. To save her friends, she must hatch an ambitious plan that forces her to not only go deep into the heart – and arms – of the enemy, but also confront the darkness in herself.

Read an excerpt here.

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