Creative Writing

I’m currently working on In the Shadows of Grace – a metaphysical dystopian adventure set in a near-future Australia. At its heart, is a positive coming-of-age story about a woman learning to trust her own wisdom and power.

In the Shadows of Grace

A metaphysical adventure set in near-future Australia.

shadowsofgrace_skyharrisonIn near-future totalitarian Australia, Ciara’s deadly gift has made her an unexpected champion of the resistance movement. They believe her powers can be harnessed safely to create peace. And when the State gets its hands on an ancient weapon that can wipe out their kind, all hope rests on Ciara.

But Ciara doesn’t know if she can use her gift without destroying everything, and she’s vowed to never kill again. She’s also not sure her resistance friends would still trust her if they knew about her past – her love affair with the powerful colonel in charge of arresting her kind, and how she betrayed the one man who stood by her.

Now, Ciara realises she needs their help to achieve the resistance’s vital mission – but can she trust either of them? 

As the day to steal the State’s powerful weapon approaches, Ciara must not only unite the splintered resistance group but also uncover the truth about her past and face her own demons. But first, there’s the little matter of saving her current lover Lucien, who’s hiding dark secrets of his own.

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