Exploring My Heartspace

Last year, I started up a new, secret Instagram account. I needed a space where I didn’t self-censor, where I could be messy and raw and wise and silly, and put my cosmic “woo-woo” self on show. And so, Holding Heartspace was born…

Sometimes,  I post weird poemy things that seem to write themselves:

Today, sister

Sometimes it’s a prayer that I write:



A thought that matches a picture perfectly and makes me laugh:


Something I’ve learnt that I think is useful:

Love and light.png

Or a quote I need to share:


And whatever else I feel like:


It’s still one of my favourite spaces to play in and I try to update it regularly, though I don’t force it. I write all the content from whatever I’m thinking about or working through, with more detailed thoughts under each image.

That’s the beauty of doing something just for me. No rules. No ‘should’s. It makes it even more joyous when someone genuinely connects with my posts because I’m not trying to get them to do anything.

If you like it, why not follow me at Holding Heartspace?


This post originally appeared on skyharrison.com

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