Have you got your Adelady mag yet?

There’s something deeply satisfying about helping an idea grow into a product that people can hold in their hands, and when it’s a magazine, it’s ever better. For the past several months I’ve been working with the Adelady team to guide them through every stage of creating their beautiful new magazine and I’m so happy to see it out.


Adelady mag issue one is out now!

Creating a magazine from scratch is a massive task, even once you’ve nailed the concept and are ready to fill it with content.

Fortunately the Adelady gals – Hayley, Lauren and their fabulous team – are full of ideas, energy, dedication and a level of unwavering excitement that is truly awe-inspiring.

Once we had the concept in place, my role was to guide them through each step and manage the production process.

While producing a mag is never glamorous – it involves a lot of spreadsheets, chasing people for content and hunting out rogue commas, as well as many, many late nights and at least a gazillion emails – a highlight was helping put together the food pages.

This involved editing recipes, liaising with Laura Bakhtiarian (who developed the many of the delicious recipes and cooked the food for the shoots), assisting with food styling, and overseeing the gorgeous photography by designer Naomi Giatas .

I am so grateful that the Adeladies put their faith in Naomi and I to help them birth their magazine baby, and what a bright and bold baby it is, full of love for South Australia and the wonderful people and places we have here. The first issue is packed with travel, feel-good stories, food, the best places to eat, drink, stay and shop, and much, much more.


There are now 50,000 copies free in SA via Romeo’s supermarkets, Flight Centres, Century 21 and Goodstart Early Learning, along with cafés, bars, restaurants, boutiques and even a few select interstate locations.

If you see one, make sure you grab a copy. And let us know what you think. x

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