That Just-Gone-To-Press Feeling

Anyone involved in a print publication knows the mixed feelings of press day. There’s the impatience of getting to see it, the fear that somehow a typo slipped through and the sheer exhaustion from all the work you’ve done. And perhaps a few jitters from all the coffee you’ve ingested to meet the deadline.

With the second issue of Adelady magazine on the press as I write, I’m feeling all of the above, as well as a tinge of sadness that I won’t be in daily contact with the wonderful team until the next one gets underway. 

EDIT: It’s out! Here’s a peek…

It’s been a busy few months for all of us. As production editor, my role is to oversee the process to make sure every page is as perfect as possible. This involves everything from planning schedules and keeping track of copy and images for each page to editing copy, assisting with photoshoots and styling, liaising with clients, the designer and printer etc, as well as being the go-to person for all the ad artwork.

Naomi Giatas and I working on the food shoot.
Photo by Laura @ Adelady.

Once again it’s been designed by Naomi Giatas, who manages to take our ideas and turn them into something even better than we imagined.

Being the spring/summer issue, we’ve made it even more colourful and fun than the first. Plus we’ve bumped up the pages.

And while I can’t reveal what’s inside, I can tell you there’s a recipe featuring Violet Crumble pieces that is to die for if you have a sweet tooth like me (I’ve made it twice already – once to try it out, the second for my son’s bake sale at school, where it sold like the proverbial hot cakes). 

The mag will be out in later this month, but for now, here’s a throwback to the launch of issue one. It was a fun-filled, heart-centred night full of joy, hugs, celebratory bubbles and mutual admiration – and above all, community. These gals know how to create something special. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… yes, we’re already planning the next one. Think I’m going to need more coffee…

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