A Taste of South Australia

If you’re into South Australian food, keep an eye out for The Producers – A Taste of South Australia. The 240-page book features 100 South Australian producers, taking you behind the food to meet the people who pour their love into their products, sharing their histories and the challenges they’ve faced to create their much-loved brands.

The producers

Most of the stories are told by Katie Spain, who as always writes from the heart, bringing her gift for digging out the gems in every story she tells. It was an honour to put my sub-editor hat on and set my grammar nerd free for this one. I spent several days going through every line to make sure the house style was consistent and it was as perfect as can be, down to the last comma.

The Producers draft

Page proofs and style sheet at the ready for the hours upon hours of editing ahead.

Designed by the talented Naomi Giatas and with beautiful photography, it’s one of those projects that makes you proud to have played a part in it.

Thanks to James at Bud Media for having me as part of the team. You can buy it via the Bud Media website.

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