Heart and Soul

There’s something special about a family business — whatever field they’re in, they’re putting their heart and soul into it. And when a family business achieves success across generations, you know there’s a good story behind it. So it was a pleasure to proof the aptly named Heart and Soul: 100 Australian family business stories.

Written by Katie Spain and design by Naomi Giatas, the hard-cover book shows just how much love, sweat and tears goes into making a business a success, from food and wine to real estate, manufacturing and even Christmas decorations. It’s a fascinating look into the world of family business.

We had a tight turnaround but fortunately I had set up a style guide* for Bud Media when working on The Producers book last year, so I was able to dive right into proofing and then managed to input all the changes from my hard copy to the InDesign files within a day. (I needed a shoulder massage after that!)

Thanks to James at Bud Media for getting me on board again. You can order the book via the Bud Media website.


*Cheats way to keep track of style

Need a style guide? Read my blog post about this quick and easy way to put one together. There's even a free template to download (no email sign ups required!).

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