The Power of Digital Transformation

When I hear the word IT, my first thought is, ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?” thanks to the TV show The IT Crowd, so working with a highly innovative and cutting-edge IT department has been a huge learning curve and also incredibly exciting.

I spend a good portion of my week as a communications consultant with the IT Group at SA Power Networks. The I in IT Group stands for innovation rather than information, which gives an idea of where their focus truly is.


SA Power Networks was recently featured in Gigabit magazine. See the story, below.

My role is focused on internal communications to support their digital transformation and the cultural change associated with that.

The group recently won the Digital Utility of the Year Award in the Energy category at the 2019 Digital Utility Awards. It’s just one of many awards they’ve won for innovation and project management, and is well-deserved recognition for extensive efforts.

These include automation, AI, intuitive software, Agile work practices, virtual reality, remote accessibility and customised apps to make SA Power Networks more efficient, cost-effective and safer.

Their journey to digital transformation was recently featured in Gigabit magazine – it’s a fascinating read. I’ve put snapshots below, but check it out via this link.











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